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Happy Feet warranty label

quality, comfort and maximum lightness
Happy Feet will help your way of working and standing

HAPPY FEET means quality, comfort and incredible lightness.

Happy Feet represents a set of distinctive elements that can be found in all of our footwear, both sanitary clogs, and safety shoes, and rubber boots or other types of shoes.

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A Happy Feet shoe is:

  • CE certified: each shoe is a PPE compliant with the requirements applicable to work footwear specified in EN ISO 20347: 2012 OB A and SRC
  • machine washable up to 90 ° for SEBS models and up to 50 ° for EVA models
  • sterilizable up to 134 ° only for models in SEBS, resistant to chemical sterilization or with UV rays used in hospitals
  • antibacterial, antifungal, anti-mold
  • antistatic
  • anti-slip: the tread pattern of the sole has made it possible to obtain the SRC requirement about the slip resistance
  • antishock: maximum energy absorption in the heel area
  • anatomical: guarantees the natural support of the foot
  • aerated: the ventilation holes for air exchange are designed to protect the foot from the entry of falling liquids
  • superlight

Happy Feet interprets principles, ideas and beliefs that guide us from 30 years making the best professional footwear.


Happy Feet’s blog:

Video presentation of the new shoes in BLUE RIBE catalogue.

Video presentation of the new shoes in BLUE RIBE catalogue. -XFLY:professional sneaker with or without non-metallic toecap -HO.RE.CA. articles: HF SLIP ON, leather HF DERBY, HF 100 and HF 200 with velcro closure -XPRO: extremely light EVA shoe [...]

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